The Face is another very important feature of the body which defines the beauty of any woman.

The face comes in different shapes as earlier described in our talk about ‘the hair’, and every shape determines not only the hairstyle you wear on, but also the makeup you wear. But most importantly, the face, just like the hair must be adequately cared for.


1)  Never use skin lotions, creams, cleansers, face powders, foundations etc that would cause harm to your face:

These kind of items could result in an irreversible or damage or may become difficult to find a cure for it. Damages such as; Pimples, Egzimas, Scaling, Mixed Colors etc. And since the face, is the first part of the body, which people get attracted to, it not only defines the individual’s beauty, but it also Performs its own function in terms of the effect it has on the person.This effect is, ‘ATTRACTION’. And when this function/purpose is being derailed by the hazards which your facial products have caused, “all hell breaks loose”, you can just try and picture what i mean, i’m  sure whatever you must be picturing in your mind now isnt pleasant. Therefore, to avoid this, you must use good products.

2)  Ensure you stick to one type of face product:

Never used all manner of products you find. Most ladies like to ‘upgrade’ as they will call it, using new and possibly more expensive products on their faces. Probably they have admired a fellow lady’s skin, asked her what she uses, and hurried to buy it without confirming if it is healthy for their type of skin or not, if their are ingredients which have been used during production which only a Pharmaceutical or a skin doctor can tell if it would be harmful or not to the skin. I say all these because these are experiences i have passed through myself and seen people do as well and have learnt from.   Also, using too many of these products at a time could be very harmful. Using very cheap products could also be very harmful as people tend to produce certain products out of very harmful and horrible ingredients all for the sake of money. Therefore, you should be sure of your facial products, seek the advise of a pharmacist or skin doctor if you need to change your facial products.

3)  Wash your face before bed daily:

Wether makeup was applied on it or not, you should wash your face before bed daily. This keeps the face free from pimples, egzima, ring-warms etc. You may have had a very long day after work or school and feel too tired to take a bath, and even just drop down deep into sleep in your bed, but no matter how difficult it may seem, oh yes! it is difficult because i still sometimes find it hard to do even though i have been used to it. After a long day at work from waking up at 4am, leaving for work at 6am, and getting back home at 8:30pm, coupled with the lagos horrible traffic which most Nigerians have experienced and probably hate, i get so tired that all i want to do is eat and sleep, so i understand the difficulty many of us may have. But i tell you, its something very important so we must put every effort we can to do it.

4) Always wear a SMILE:

Wearing makeup or not, a smile is the best thing that bringsout the purpose of a face-‘ATTRACTION’. Your beauty from afar may attract people, but without a smile may scare them away. A  Smile on its own adds beauty to an individual’s face. So if you do not know how to smile, please look in the mirror daily and practice, or meet people and ask them to help you analyse your smile.  Smiling not only beautifies the face, it also attracts people, speaks positively of you, makes your heart a lot lighter from the load of worries and more.








                           YOUR BEAUTY IS YOUR CONFIDENCE


Hello friends! Welcome to a brand new day, we bless God for his grace and mercies in our lives. It’s the 8th day in the month of October. Today, we would be talking about a very important part of the body which defines foremost before other things, the beauty of a lady. There is a lot we do not know about “OUR HAIR”. THE HAIR is the most beautiful part of a lady which she ought to take adequate care of. A lady must wash her hair immediately she takes off any fixing. She must be sure to use very good hair products that gives the hair a good smell and feeds the hair. Money may be a factor for us women, but we must try to take care of ourselves and never wait for a man to do it or provide the money first. There are some hair care mistakes we must avoid.


1)   OVER RELAXING THE HAIR could lead to hair weakening and breakage. You should relax your hair at most 4 times in a year. You should also make use of very good and reliable hair products which have been recommended by a hair specialist. It is not only the human body that needs a health specialist, our hair also does. Hair products such as conditioners, hair masks, protein treatments and lots more are essential for the rebuilding of the hair’s strength. Also, leaving relaxer in your hair for too long can weaken the scalp.

2)      OVER WASHING THE HAIR strips essential oil from your hair. Never wash your hair everyday if not on low cut or for too long.

3).    USING HEAT STYLING TOOLS EVERYTIME causes weakening and breakage. When you straighten your hair with a hair stretcher tool, visit the drier every day or week, or any other heat producing hair tool, this weakens the hair.

4)     TRYING DIFFERENT HAIR CARE PRODUCTS BEFORE YOU MAKE A CHOICE destroys the hair. Your hair becomes confused and so many disasters could occur such as, breakage, hair coloring, stunted growth, and so on. You should seek the advice of a hair specialist to choose good hair products that work perfectly for your type of hair.


1).    THE HAIR DEFINES THE BEAUTY OF A LADY. Let us take for instance, a lady in low cut and another in a lovely styled hair do. Most times we may see a lady in low cut and admire her, YES she looks pretty, but when another lady walks by in a lovely styled hair, attention is given to her because she obviously looks more beautiful, feminine and hotter than the lady in skin cut or low cut with or without makeup. Lets see picture samples.

Lady in a bald look
Lady in a bald look
Lady with a long and lovely styled hair do.
Lady with a long and lovely styled hair do.

We can see from the picture above that there is a difference in the looks of these two women. The bald lady looks pretty but less feminine, while the lady in a dark long hair looks really lovely and more feminine. Her long well-styled hair do defines her feminine beauty better than the bald lady. We could also take a look at a picture or two of one lady in both.

2)  It is almost certain that most ladies try different hairstyles to look beautiful, but end up making wrong choices which result awfully. This is simply because not many people do realize that it is not necessarily that hair style which looks good on someone else, that must soothe you, because a perfect hairstyle id determined by a person’s facial structure.                            The perfect hairstyle does not only speak about one’s character, it also balances one’s body, facial structure, and complements one’s dressing and life style.  In this ways therefore, the hairstyle a person wears affects the individual in a lot of ways.


Take for instance, a young lady whose usual lifestyle is simplicity. She is known to be very quiet, humble, God fearing, maybe a leader of a church society. She always looks very simple in simple hairstyles such as Pony tail, Center parting with a very simple weavon, packed to the back neatly, Ghana weaving, Short razor cut hairstyle, Side parting and so on with weavons that stop at bra lenght.

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

All of a sudden, she decides she wants to try a new hairstyle, maybe something she saw on T.V. Then she fixes a very full curly hairstyle, or  straight but very long that it touches her buttock, or a short weavon that curls to one side and the other side is bald, or a mo-hawk hairstyle, or her usual ghana weaving braids but too long that it touches the bottom of her buttock. What kind of person would you see her to be seeing her for the first time conducting the church choir in your church or taking readings or announcements in the altar. or when she walks into your office for a job interview.

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Featured imageFeatured image

Of course these hairstyles look lovely but they do not portray the personality of the described girl in our example and environment.  for this kind of lady, we hear remarks being made about her such as; (from people who have known her) “oh! this lovely lady has turned a bad seed, she has been negatively influenced, look at how she comes into the lord’s house”. (from people who do not know her) “hmm, who allowed this wild looking lady who looks like a prostitute conduct the choir or stand on the altar, she would corrupt our children” (from employers) “oh no, we cannot employ her, she looks too wild and not focused”. Meanwhile, for another lady with a more outgoing personality, for celebrities, and alot more, these hair styles would be considered as very lovely and soothing for them.

Because your hair style reflects your personality at all times, you need to consider your personality before going for those hairstyles you see on T.V that look great on that celebrity.  Consider if it soothes your personality because if it does not, it would be uncomfortable for you to carry.

b) HOW DOES YOUR HAIRSTYLE BALANCE YOUR BODY?  The body carries the head and the head wears the hairstyle, so if your hair style is not comfortable for your body, it becomes obvious and affects the way you look and act in public. For instance, a very skinny lady wears on a very full hairstyle which makes her head look a lot bigger than her body and seem like she is carrying the world on her head, she may look beautiful facially, and the hairstyle may look gorgeous for her face, but it would not compliment her body, rather she would look awful. Her head would look too big and hide the features of her body. She may even look imprisoned in her own skin as she cannot move her neck or head because of the weight of the large hair on her head. She would never feel comfortable.

Let us Also picture a very fat lady with a very scanty hair style. Maybe a long weavon, but very scanty. She would look so awful that the purpose of the hairstyle which is to define her beauty and make her look young and feminine would become futile, she may even look bald and her head would seem like it has disappeared into her body.

Therefore, we must consider our body size when choosing a hairstyle for any occasion.

c) WHAT DOES MY HAIR HAVE TO DO WITH MY FACIAL STRUCTURE? It has a lot to do with your facial structure because, the hairstyle you wear MUST be determined by your facial structure. Everybody has a particular type of facial structure and there are SEVEN (7) different types of facial structures.

In the beauty industry, whether it’s makeup, hair– or even clothing- being discussed, face shape plays a part. Though every person’s face is unique, it’s generally accepted that there are seven basic face shapes. And though many people may not have thought about the shape of their face, there are many whose faces have characteristics they don’t love. Whichever category you fit into, there are simple things you can do to enhance your best features and bring forward your best ‘you.’ Here, we explain the characteristics of each face shape, how to determine which general shape you have, and some quick tips to enhance those features that are your most beautiful.

The main idea behind the hairstyling tips is to make your face shape, whichever shape it is, look balanced and proportionate.


The oval face shape is considered (in hairstyling textbooks, anyway) to be “ideal.” The reason is that oval face shapes are well-balanced, not overly sharp or angular, and not overly rounded or full. I disagree with the principle that there is one “ideal” face shape. I genuinely believe that other face shapes- and a whole variety of different features- are truly beautiful.

The oval face shape is widest at the cheekbones, but not by much. It narrows a tiny bit at the jawline and at the forehead. The width of the forehead and the width of the jawline (corner to corner) is nearly equal.

Because the oval face shape is so well-balanced, it tends to look proportionate and nice with pretty much any hairstyle or length. Long or short, curly or straight, bangs or no bangs… there’s really not much you can do with the hair that will make the face shape itself look unbalanced.

People with an oval face really can play with different styles. There’s not much that won’t look good with their face… unless it’s something that’s just plain out of style.


The square face and round face are the two most common face shapes. The square face does not narrow much from the cheekbone to the forehead, nor from the cheekbone to the jawline. The square face may also look angular- the jawline may appear sharply-angled at the corners, and even the forehead may be squared off.

The way to enhance a square face is to steer clear of blunt bangs, center parts, and blunt, jaw-length bobs. Try side-swept bangs, curl or waviness, and layers to bring softness to the angles of this face. Also, part your hair on the side, and if you pull your hair back, leave some wispy pieces hanging around your face. Short to medium length hairstyles suits the square face shape, because of the strong jaw.


Round face shapes are exactly as they sound- the widest point is across the cheekbones, narrowing some at the forehead and jawline. This face shape is not angular at all, and is wider than the typical oval or oblong face.

When working with a round face shape, you may want to avoid any hairstyle that’s ear-length. (This length gives a wider appearance.) Also, avoid blunt-cut straight bangs and styles that add volume or curl to the sides without any up on top. The most balanced and flattering styles on a round face are those that add fullness at the crown or top of the head, as well as longer styles with little width which add length to the face. Wispy bangs or side-swept bangs are best, and very short styles can work as well. (Just not ear-length.)


The triangle or pear shaped face is most narrow at the forehead, and widest at the jawline. The jawline may be angular or rounded.

The triangle face shape is most complemented by short hairstyles that have volume at the top, crown, and/or temple areas. Curl and wave works well here. Avoid chin-length styles, particularly if the hair is straight. For longer styles, use short to medium layers to keep some volume up top that tapers toward the bottom. Also with longer lengths, the jaw will be best balanced with waves or curled-in layers rather than layers that flip outward.


The heart shaped face is sometimes called the inverted triangle, particularly if the hairline doesn’t come to a point on the forehead. This face shape is the opposite of the triangle or pear; it is widest at the forehead and it narrows toward the jawline. The jaw is the most narrow area of the face. Again, it may be angular or more rounded.

People with heart shaped faces may want to avoid blunt-cut, straight bangs, as they will make the face appear shorter and the forehead wider. Slick-backed styles will have the same effect. Chin-length and jaw-length bobs look fantastic on this face shape. Texture such as curl, wave and long layers also accentuate its features. Try side-swept bangs, side parts, and wispy layers to create balance to this pretty face shape.


The oblong face shape is rectangular, and has similar qualities as the square face shape except that it’s longer. It tends to be angular, but not always. Oblong faces are pretty straight, with the cheekbones not any or much wider than the forehead and jawline.

What to avoid: center parts, no-bangs or slicked-back styles, chin-length styles with no texture or fullness, and styles that add volume on top but not at the sides. The best styles for this face are full, textured styles- think curl or wave, and layers. Short and medium length styles work well on this face, like ‘wedge’ cuts and graduated bobs that are shorter than the jawline. Shoulder length cuts with layers that kick out or have texture are flattering, as are side parts and blunt cut bangs.


Diamond face shapes are not so common. They are characterized by a narrow forehead and jawline, with the cheekbones being the widest point of the face. The cheekbones are often high and defined on this face shape.

With diamond faces, the goal is to add fullness or texture at the forehead and jawline, and to avoid fullness only at the cheekbone area. Short styles can work well on this face, but they should be shorter than ear-length and should include some sort of bangs. Center parts also tend to create an unbalanced look on this face. Along with short styles, chin-length and shoulder-length styles are also great choices. You may use a flat iron to make the ends kick out or look choppy. Blunt cut, straight bangs highlight this face’s beautiful cheekbones, as do side parts. Even tucking hair behind the ears shows off the gorgeous cheekbone features this face shape has.

The bottom line when it comes to face shapes is that each has positive attributes that can be accentuated with the appropriate hair cut, style and texture. There is no ‘perfect’ face shape, so work with what you’ve got, get recommendations from your stylist, and become the most ‘perfect’ you you can be.



Hmm,how can I feel beautiful someone may ask. But the first question should be,, how can you look beautiful if you don’t feel beautiful?

There are countless ways which you can feel beautiful, I may be able to list some, but I may be leaving out some as no one can know it all. So I would be leaving this page open to all. You can leave comments of your own ideas so we can all learn from, because knowledge should be shared, I am also looking forward to learning from you.

1).  FEELING RELAXED enhances your beauty. Some people may be planning an event and become mentally and physically in balanced for the occasion and in the end fall sick after that occasion, some may higher event planers to avoid this, but you can’t avoid your brain still stressing to ensure the event planner you highered is meeting up to your expectations and some may still be affected and this affects your look  after, and your countenance on the D day. Lorrainemakeovers makes all these go away with our creative beauty secrete services both before and after the event. This is part of our service package which you would discover when you contact us.

2).  FEELING CONFIDENT on the inside and outside makes you even more beautiful. Do you know that the way you act in your events speaks loudly? In our country Nigeria for instance, people come to your event, be it your wedding, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, baby dedication, company or home commissioning and so on, and they analyse, observe everything you do, how you act, how you dress, speak(taking note of grammatical blunders both in the speech you give and when your are  exchanging plesantries or communicating with people), the way you greet as pertaining to the tradition of the kind of event you are hosting and the people involved. Even the way you walk and your facial expression could be a turnoff to people all these are elements that makeup beauty and not just the makeup applied on your face. Counseling in preparation for this is also part of our services.

FEELING BEAUTIFUL PHYSICALLY is another criteria. When you feel beautiful you must bring that feeling to existence by actually looking beautiful. Your makeup and gele is in perfect hands as we do well to present you to your guests in a really dazzling picture that leaves you looking like a QUEEN.

These and more creative ideas you should be itching to find out about is what we are offering. We specialize in preparing you for your event and not your event but to make your event a success.


Featured image  Obiaya Lorraine is from Asaba, in Nigeria.  A graduate of English and Literature from the University of Benin, Nigeria. She is a Creative Beauty Artist. She has always loved art, creativity and beauty. She was born with an artistic talent. Ever since she was little at about the age of 3years she always loved to draw, mostly beautiful ladies. Her father, (God rest his soul) encouraged his only two children when he discovered they had this artistic talent. He employed an art teacher to tutor them during the holidays and he bought everything they needed for their drawings and art work, sometimes when he would buy yams at the market, he would be sure to select the ones with lots of clay on them which his children would then use in sculpting in their backyard. This always made him feel very proud of them. Lorraine also took part in school art competitions, where she would have to create things out of cardboard, such as a fashion hat, a sitting room, a lantern, and so on. It was then she discovered that she is a talented creative artist while her brother is a fine artist, he could pick up a picture of you and sketch out something that would make you feel he had just made a photocopy using a machine. Soon she started developing her talents. In 2013 during her National Youth Service, she started a creative art business of her own making teddy bears and throw pillows and then went to a makeup school and started makeup, and now with her experience and observation of how people present themselves in occasions, she has decided to use this God given creative talent of hers to not only make them beautiful using makeup, but also to make them beautiful and graceful using her creative mind which God has blessed her with. Therefore, lorrainemakeovers will make you over into that confident, beauty that you are, facially and countenently so the world can see. We want to bring out the queen in you for that occasion.

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        Lorrainemakeovers is a CREATIVE BEAUTY studio/body that has been setup to not only beautify the face but also the soul and our client’s countenece to prepare them for any occasion. “the way a person carries herself presents to people what you really are, and how you act in any occasion is how people see you and make their conclusions. This blog entails quotes and sayings that feeds you mentally and spiritually about beauty. People hear the word “BEAUTY”, and the first thing they think of is “facial looks”. Well, beauty is not all about the face, the face is definitely the first thing people look at but, it is not where beauty begins from. There are other characteristics that should be in a person before the beauty of the face can be made perfect.

BEAUTY, begins from within. If you do not feel BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT in how you look, you can never feel beautiful even with makeup on because you would be incompetent to carry yourself in a way that tells the world how beautiful you are. The way you make the world see you is your CONFIDENCE and this defines the level of beauty you tell them you possess. Lorrainemakeovers teaches you how to feel confident in your beauty at any event. OUR MOTTO : “BEAUTY IS CONFIDENCE”.

We are a makeup body setup to prepare you for any occasion, CONFIDENTLY. We begin by making you understand that within you, there is already that beautiful person created in the image of God, so we are only here to DEFINE that beauty and show the world and your guests that there is more to you, more that lies within that surface they have been looking at in the past.

The way you look, feel, walk, speak, greet, smile, and more tells people how beautiful you really are. Therefore, lorrainemakeovers teaches you all these that makes you perfectly prepared for your occasion and in the end leaving your guests in awe, and unable to stop commenting on the difference they noticed and how perfect you were which made your event a perfect one.

You can contact us on 08061175191